Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The first two weeks Post-Op

So I hope someday I will forget how much I did not enjoy the first two weeks after surgery. Kind of like how you forget how much childbirth hurt in all but the vaguest sense. I'll be all "Oh, it wasn't that bad. It was only two weeks!" OK, I don't actually say that about childbirth, though... hmmm. Well, I've made it through two weeks post-op. My appointments with Erin or whatever PA is available and with Marie are on Wednesday, assuming my car works by then. Otherwise, I'll have to postpone, I guess. Which I do not want to do, but might have to. Medivan doesn't pick up for Concord appointments at 8:30 am, so I didn't even bother to call them. Idk. James will sort it for me, if I can't make it. Anyway, here's how I'm feeling at the two week mark.

I hate my meds. I hate the vitamins. LOL. I'm so incredibly sick of chopping up and swallowing bits of pills. Get off as much medication as you can, if you're doing this. Which is probably none, but I wanted to say it. Wellbutrin is particularly hellish to be on. Can't do the time release, so you have to chop up two big tablets twice a day. It's only for the first month, but it feels like forever, right now. I'm about to chuck the damn Wellbutrin out the window. Dumping out the Cymbalta beads and swallowing them isn't as bad. But I get little drug beads all over the place every time I do it. Frustrating. Then there's the Famotidine (acid blocker) and the Lisinopril I have to take for my blood pressure. And my Claritin, which I don't have to chop, because they're tiny. And the enormous multivitamin I have to chew (OPurity). That tastes awful. I can barely stand it.

L says that the calcium pills she got (Celebrate) are even larger, and taste even worse. In fact, they're intolerable, and I've been trying out others on her. I got some Citracal petites. I do not think that word means what they think it means. One reviewer on Amazon said they were the size of a pinky nail. That person must have enormous pinky nails, because it's the size of my thumbnail. Actually, it's about the size of the whole end of my thumb. It's fat and rounded. L says that it's very hard to chop up. (It's not a chewable.) I ordered some caramel chews that should be here on Wednesday, so cross your fingers that we can stand those. And that they don't pull out my fillings.

Anyway, when I take my pills, I feel nauseated for a little while afterward. I have to take them a few chopped bits at a time. It's kind of horrible. And it takes a long time to get them all in. I think I'm going to look for another multivitamin, too. Once I can swallow things again, anyway. I wish we could have gummy vitamins. I can't even believe I'm saying that, but it's true. Vitamins are yucky. And we have to take SO MUCH freaking calcium. Ugh. Whatever. Powering through this. lol.

The other thing that I sort of expected, but didn't really expect the extent, is that I am seriously sick of sweet food/drinks. That was why I drank diet soda in the first place. Too much sweet makes me queasy. And now I'm eating yogurt, popsicles, pudding, and cottage cheese. So pretty much just cottage cheese, because I'm sick of looking at the other stuff. I'm supposed to be doing the protein shakes, too, but since they're awful and make me bloated and queasy, but I'm not bothering. I did get the egg white protein, and add it to my yogurt. That was ok. Idk if I can do a lot of it, but it was better than the whey protein. I am still trying to figure out if 60% of people can't digest milk, then why do they make these things all milk based? This seems very white-people-centric, since most people who can digest it are northern European descended white people. I read that 0% of Native Americans can digest it. Other non-white people can sometimes digest it. But still, most of the people who can digest milk are the north-Euro white people. I guess this shouldn't surprise me, but I probably have too much skin-color privilege to see subtle things like that until they effect me. Anyway, drinking milk is gross, so I don't care if I can digest it or not. Never had a problem before now, but that's ok. L & J are both somewhat lactose intolerant. Good news: They can eat Greek yogurt, so we have switched out sour cream for Greek yogurt. J loves it, because it doesn't make him sick.

I guess those are all of my two week insights, other than WOO-HOO, I'm down to 230 lbs! 30 pounds in two weeks!! That puts me halfway to the 100s Club! I know it slows down after this, once I start eating foods again, but I'm not going to eat so much food that I slow down a super lot. Still, I can't wait to eat real food, even if it's just a little bit. I had chili water the other night. lol. It was just the liquids skimmed off the top of the chili. I'm going to try some with the beans and burger once I'm cleared for food. But I think my first thing is going to be egg drop soup. That sounds good, and like a sensible transition between not-food and food. lol.

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