Saturday, April 18, 2015

Don't do this

So last night, since I wasn't getting in enough protein from the protein shakes, I thought I would make baby-food consistency chicken breast, and eat that. Don't do that. Unless maybe you can make it mostly not chicken breast, and mostly some kind of odd mush. I don't know. I got sick.

Longer version: I hate protein drinks. Isopure ready to drink makes make mouth dry and sad. And I don't like the flavor I used to like anymore. I may have to experiment with other flavors. The whey in most of them makes me feel bloated and miserable. Marie says I'm probably sensitive to it. I put the Jay Robb egg protein one in milk, but I couldn't with the milk. Ordered more egg protein from Now Foods. (cheaper). I'll see if I can make some kind of drink out of it. Yogurt smoothie or something. But mostly I hate them. I ordered some samples from Liquacel, too. Car's brakes are out, so I can't go anywhere atm. But they sell it at Target, apparently. Marie said to eat baby food or just don't worry about it and stay hydrated until next week, when I can come in and get approved for more foods.

Now I hear baby food, and I think "I can make this at home." You know what? Don't. Unless you have some way to make it extremely soupy or something. And don't eat much of it. I spent the entire day in bed. I had dry heaves, which HURT. My pouch and my intestines hurt. I got cold sweats. It was freaking miserable, and I still feel like I never want food again.

The other downside so far is that my hips ache. A lot. Because I have crappy joints. And I can't take NSAIDs. Honestly, after today, I don't feel like taking anything. I just feel like going back to bed. Except my hips hurt. lol. I need to figure this out. This month is not fun. I can't wait until I'm back on the "normal" road, and can eat small amounts of normal food.

As an aside, I felt last night and today like I was starring in an updated version of The Helgramite Method. If you're not a big enough nerd from the 80s to know what that is, it's an episode of the 80s Twilight Zone, where a guy comes into a clinic for a guaranteed cure for alcoholism. They give him a pill to swallow and tell him that he can go home now, because he's cured. Obviously there's a twist, because Twilight Zone. I feel like I just lived the twist. It's probably on YouTube, if you want to watch it. It's not like the Stephen King one where they maim or kill your family members. That was also, good, btw. I think that was in the Cat's Eye movie, and it's in one of his short story compilations. Anyway, nerd cred established. Boom. lol. I'm going to go try and drink some water now.

On the good side, I'm down by about 25 pounds!!! AWESOME!! I just need to make through the transition phase, and all will be fine. Gonna keep telling myself that.

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