Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pre-surgery Week Errata

I just realized that I completely forgot to post about my pre-op diet. Derp. So here are some thoughts about my two week diet and various things that happened during it.. It wasn't too bad, being on low carbs. I don't eat a lot of carbs anyway. I was hungry, but not as hungry as I expected. And I think I maybe ate more than I was supposed to eat.

But I think I'm going to be ok with not too much cheating on the low carb path. I don't need carbs all that often anyway. I ate lots of chicken and steak meals, and lots of salad. Chicken breast turned into crustless pepperoni pizza is insanely good. So I wasn't too unnerved by the diet. Didn't eat too much fat, I think. Maybe a bit more than optimal.

Picking up L from the hospital went fine. She had to stay a little longer than we'd hoped, but nothing unusual actually happened. She's in more pain than K was, because of her internal bleeding, so she's actually using the oxy. Obviously K couldn't use it anyway, because allergic. Nice checking on that familial connection between codeine and oxy, folks.

I had my consent signing with LeBron on the Friday before my surgery. He gave me some post-op prescriptions to take. One for acid reduction, one to replace my time-release Wellbutrin for a month. I forget what the third was, and then a fourth to take after a couple of weeks to help prevent ulcers. I signed all my paperwork that said people having surgery can die. Lovely.

K came with me, because she had to get her post-op bloodwork done. She asked Keisha if she could get a note saying she needed another week off, because she'd thrown up once, and she didn't feel ready to go back. They take that shit seriously, for real. Boom. They got her in to see two different PAs. She saw Erin first. I think Erin is new. I'd never heard of her before then. Erin had to leave, after a while, so then she saw Hilda. They checked her incisions, and talked with her about her pain, how she was feeling, eating, etc. It was pretty reassuring.

Next up for me was the All Liquid Weekend. I hated it. Thank goodness it was only a weekend. I've heard some people have two weeks pre-op of all liquid. It's like their doctor hates them. I wouldn't have made it. My stomach rumbled all weekend. Then after midnight Sunday/Monday, I couldn't even have liquid. So I water logged myself up beforehand. lol. Drank as much liquid as I could stand. Idk if it helped, but I wasn't raging with thirst before surgery. So that was good. One thing that did help me get through the weekend was broth. Chicken broth was my best friend.

OK, on to post-op in the hospital. (For surgery day, see my previous post.)

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