Friday, April 24, 2015

Still Adjusting - also two week post-op appointment

So I'm still in an adjustment period. I'm learning things all the time. Some things are painful. Pro-tip: Salmon with just lemon and seasoning is painful. Salmon in sugar-free teriyaki sauce is not. (Wow, spell check does not know the work teriyaki. Clearly I did not program this thing.)

Tonight we had haddock with a mock hollandaise sauce. (OK, does this ting know any food words??) That was pretty good. I think maybe lightly fried/sauteed would be a bit better. Sauce on the side. It was pretty good, though. I'm still having trouble adjusting to what actually fits in me and doesn't make me feel like I've eaten gravel or an expanding rock. Homemade chili went down well.

I had my two week post-op appointment on Wednesday. Shout out to Jackie for driving me there. They took my blood pressure, and it was way down. 100/67. Yikes! So they had me contact my PCP about lowering my blood pressure medication (lisinopril). My heart rate was up, but they think it's because I'm not getting in my hydration. Which, I'm not. I'm having a lot of trouble getting in enough liquid. It makes me feel bloated. Just for a few minutes or so, but it's uncomfortable, and it's enough.But yay! They cleared me for Stage 3 foods. Stage 3, at least at our program, is soft/ground textures. So we're basically eating regular foods that you can break up with a fork or spoon. No knife-foods. Apparently crock-pot foods are good for this stage.

I've decided to stop taking the damn Wellbutrin. This is probably inadvisable, but I don't care. It's making me feel like I just downed a box of Nerds (candy) with water. I'll work it out with my nurse practitioner next week when I see her. I'm loving the caramel chews I got for calcium. And I'm looking for soft chews for multivitamins. They don't seem to have iron in them, though. Ugh. Stop making me take all these pills. Thing they don't tell you: It's not just "a multivitamin" you have to take. It's an assload of them. Ugh. But if I can get them in without them tasting like chalk-flavored hate, I'll be ok.

PCP said to cut the lisinopril in half, so I'm going from 40mg to 20mg. I guess we'll see how my BP is after that. I can probably get off the meds altogether before too long. I mean, it's only been two weeks, right? Woo! One more thing I won't have to take. And the anti-acid meds end in a couple of weeks. Sick of those. But now I have to find ursodial(?) somewhere? CVS doesn't have it. They sent K to Wal-Mart. Didn't give her a choice about it. They just electronically sent the prescription over there. Well, lovely. We can't walk to Wal-Mart. And I don't. have. brakes. A doctor friend of mine told me I shouldn't drive it without good brakes, even if I can get it to stop, because by stomping on the brakes, I could rip my internal stitches. OK, then. Don't want that. Same thing with L, who keeps picking up her damn cat. Ten  pounds. Not one huge, fat Bengal. He's 20 pounds, easily. And since she had an extra stitch in her intestine, and a hiatal hernia repair (I kid you not, spell check just wanted to change "hiatal," to "Latashia." What? What?? Who wrote this thing?) she's got more stitches and healing than K or I do.

I also think we're going to get a Poland Springs cooler, and get water delivery. The city water has been tasting awful to me lately. Not when I first came home from surgery, but in the past week or so it's gotten progressively worse-tasting. We'll have to figure out where to put it, but that's ok. It's apparently super cheap. Friends have been telling me that they have or had delivery, and it costs the same as buying it at the store, but they bring it to your house. This is good. We used to get water delivery when I was little in LaMesa. Some guy with a milk man-looking truck brought it in glass bottles. I think it was called Birdie Water or something like that. Or maybe I just called it that. I'm sure it had a cartoon of a bird on it. How weird is that? It tasted good, though. Pretty sure we didn't have Poland Springs on the other side of the country. Water from Maine is most likely prohibitively expensive in So Cal. lol.

I miss pizza, and once my stomach is sorted, and I'm on "normal" foods, I am making mozzarella and pepperoni-topped chicken for sure. I bet we can more easily eat brown-meat chicken than white-meat chicken. It's mushier. Too bad I don't like it. Duck, maybe. I do like duck. Peking duck. Yum. Duck is pricey, though. *I spend a moment Googling* HOLY CRAP! You can tell how long it's been since I bought duck! Are they seriously getting $7 - $15/lb. for a duck!! W.T.F.!! In the 90s, we used to buy them for $1.99/lb. I have bought a couple since then, but I don't think they were over $4/lb. What happened? Duck shortage? Whack job Nugent-wannbes on TV putting duck farms out of business as people try to go a-shooting? I guess I'm not buying duck. That's out of my price league. Too bad. Maybe I'll try to make Peking chicken thighs again. That came out ok. Still a bit mushy/slimy, like chicken thighs are, though.

Anyway, I'm working on bringing my meds and vitamins and whatnot into line. Working on getting in all my liquids (failed miserably today), and trying to figure out what is good to eat with a tiny, new stomach pouch. Anybody have any good Stage 3 recipes? I'm dying for something like mashed potatoes, but they want us to keep away from carbs. And they especially want us to keep away from empty carbs. Too bad. We have to focus on protein, then vegetables, then fruit. L & I never get past protein before we have to stop eating. Which, dang. I'm also dying for some green beans.

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