Saturday, April 25, 2015

Getting Everything in is Hard

Never let anybody tell you that it's easy to get all your things in post-op. I'm not getting enough protein, because I don't want to eat anything. I'm not getting enough hydration, because everything makes me feel bloated. And I'm not getting in all my pills for he same reason. Bloating. L says that wears off quite a bit by the time I'm where she is. So in less than a week, I guess. Good. I am getting in most of my pills now, though, because I bought the soft chew calcium, and ditched the Wellbutrin. Sixteen quarter-tablets a day was just too much. Tomorrow the Celebrate multivitamin chews get here, so I will find out how those do. Cross your fingers. I did look into gummies. Apparently you'd have to basically take them by the handful to get enough vitamins in. Which, yeah, no.

Today my silicone muffin pans arrived. We had an enormous muffin tin that didn't really fit in the dishwasher. That sat dirty in the sink until it rusted the rest of the way out. So yeah. J does not like doing dishes. lol. These are easy clean. Also, plum colored! Yay! I've been wondering for years now why everything kitchen only seems to come in red. Black and stainless, too, which is good. But as a kitchen accent color, I just don't see myself wanting a bunch of red. Maybe burgundy, but apple red? Blech. But yeah, silicone pans. They're oven safe to 450°F, freezer safe to -40°F, microwave and dishwasher safe. So that will be nice. I'm planning on making a bunch of mini egg muffins, and maybe fruity ice cubes. Tiny meatloaves, nuggets of various things, and all kinds of stuff.

Still getting some nausea after eating. Maybe it's a bit of minor dumping syndrome. I feel lightheaded, too. But if I lie down for a few minutes it seems to pass. Sleeping a lot of the past few days, though. I get really tired and just nap. And I've had a few blood sugar drops. At least they feel like blood sugar drops. I should probably get a blood glucose testing kit. I should also probably get a blood pressure monitor. But that's more $ than I really want to spend. Especially since I don't have it. lol.

Still looking for good stage 3 recipes. I've found a few, but I'm looking for more variety. I can go to stage 4 in a week and a half, if I feel ready. Not sure I'm going to, though. Right now I feel like soft is a good stage.

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