Thursday, July 16, 2015

3 Months!

So I had my 3-month post-op appointment for my Roux-en-Y gastric bypass this past week. Wow! Everything is going well. I'm actually down to just the one vitamin plus the iron pill. I saw Marie and Hilda.

I'm definitely in the under 220 club. Woo-hoo! Currently fluctuating between 214 and 217. I need to work on my water intake, and on my protein still. I'm doing mostly fine, but Marie doesn't really want me supplementing with peanuts and cheese all the time. They have too many calories, even though they're good protein. She suggested dry roasted edamame, which, bleh to the kind I tried before. They were so awful that I threw away the whole bag. She gave me a couple of recipes, though. Roasted chick peas was one. Seems like work, so I will have to see about that. I'm going to try upping my yogurt eating, too. Stonyfield vanilla Greek yogurt is currently my favorite. I eat that with a few frozen berries. Their other flavors are the fruit-on-the-bottom kind, which I've never liked. Their is better than a lot of them. Dannon is gross, IMO. I think Dannon owns Stonyfield, though. L likes Yoplait's Greek flavors, and I think K has been eating Oikos. I know their plain is what she uses to make the cucumber dip she likes. I forget what she was eating for flavors.

I just had a quick check-in with Hilda. She went over my last blood tests, ordered new ones, checked on my medications and supplements. I asked her about the shadow bruises I still have from the heparin shots. She just wanted to be sure they were fading. I said they were definitely much lighter than they had been. She said that was ok, then, but that it did seem like it was taking them a long time to fade. L & K still have them, too, though, so maybe they just never want to go away.

Lab work was quick. 5 vials instead of the usual 12 - 15. When the results come in, I get to find out whether I will have to take more/different supplements. Next appointment with Marie & a PA is at 6 months, which will be in October. Marie said they like to start your physical activity program then, so I should start thinking about that now. Fun. My joints and especially my back still hurt. Guess I'd better lose a lot of weight before then. LOL. Interesting note at Emerson: as of your 6 month post op, you can no longer see the nutritionist and the PA on the same day. I overheard James tell someone once that it's hospital policy. What a pain in the ass. Do they own stock in gasoline or something? I have to drive 45 minutes to get there. Not cool.

NSV (non scale victory) yesterday: I went clothes shopping at the Salvation Army with L. Pre-op, I was in a 20/22, 1/2X. I tried on a swimsuit just in case my old one doesn't fit all that well. My old one was a size 40I tankini top. It was the first suit I ever bought that actually fit well, because it was sized by bra size. But I'm down to a 38I now. Do you know how much a 38I swimsuit costs? $$$ I got lucky with the 40, because it was on clearance for like $25-25. If I were to buy one now, it would cost something like $75 or more. Just for the tankini top, mind you. I'd still have to buy a bottom. Nope. Not spending that much for a size that I know I won't be next year. So they had a cute one piece (sadly, not an underwire) that was a size 14. I figured I'd be in a 14 by next year, so I tried it on. Well hell. It fits NOW!! O.M.G.!!! It could use an underwire swim bra, but still. It looks really good.I also got a tank top and two pair of knit shorts in size LARGE! Holy crap! We decided that L is down from a 24/26 to a 16/18/20 (varies, depending on cut & stretchiness), and I'm down to a 14/16/18. My old pre-op clothes are starting to be too big for L! Which is awesome! I am really looking forward to being done with "plus sized" clothes forever. I'm still borderline, but I'm almost there. *insert Tiana from Princess and the Frog singing*

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