Friday, August 21, 2015

It's getting easier!

So weight loss has been easier since summer got underway. I wish I lived somewhere where it was always summer! Swimming burns a f*ckton of calories! And where I've been keeping up the protein and water intake, for the most part, I've lost a bunch more weight. Many victories yesterday!

But let's talk about summer, and swimming. We've been going to a nearby lake fairly often. The state park in my town has gross water. Idk why, but it's brown. Or, more properly, it's got all these little brown particles of sediment floating in the water. It looks like rust. Locals tell me it's "from the trees." Which, what lake doesn't have trees? That doesn't make sense to me. But I'm no water quality expert. All I know is that it dyes your swimwear a funny orange-brown color if you go in it. And you have to pay something like $12 for parking. So we don't go there. The state park in the next town over has cleaner water, but it's also $12 to park, no lifeguards, and it's not all that great. So we drive for about 20 minutes to a town park with nice, fairly warm water. It's got free parking, lifeguards, and it's never crowded.

However, this week, we decided that we wanted to go to the ocean. More to the point, I finally talked my kids into going to the ocean. L & I got fairly bad sunburns at Salisbury Beach years ago, and she's not wanted to go to the ocean since then. And she is stubborn. J just agrees with her. LOL.

So on Wednesday, we drove down to Demarest Lloyd State Park in Dartmouth (also $12 parking). GPS made us drive through Rhode Island, which was a stupid way to go, and then it got lost and said "can't calculate route" when we left MA. WTF? We went back a different way that was faster and made more sense, and did not involve leaving MA. Anyway, Demarest was really nice. We'd never been there. The water was warm. Incredibly warm for New England, actually. There was no "Yikes, I have to get used to this water!" Not much for waves, because it's on Buzzard's Bay. We got there just after high tide. The water there is shallow. The deepest point is maybe chest height, before it starts getting shallow again at a sand bar. However, if you keep going, maybe about  half a mile out, the sandbar ends, and you can get pretty deep. We didn't feel like going out over our heads, but it was nice to just float in warmish water. And there was almost no one else there! Wow! The only bad thing there is that there are a TON of rocks (and shells, and hermit crabs, etc.) on the shore. You have to go out maybe a hundred yards before you're off the sharp, horrible rocks. I recommend water shoes. I wish I'd had some. My feet are still bruised. Thumbs up, though. We had a great time.

On Thursday, we drove up to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. This was a drastically different beach experience. If you're not familiar with Hampton, it's a tourist beach. So it's got a boardwalk-type avenue with all the souvenir shops (parking $2/hour at meter stations). This time we did have waves. J & L really enjoyed body surfing. J wants to get a body board for next time. I think if we lived somewhere where it was possible, J might try to learn surfing. He could probably do it. The water was at least 10°F colder than it was in the bay. That was a downside. Also, it was super foggy yesterday at Hampton. But that did cut down on the crowds, so that was nice.

So all in all, after all these swimming excursions, walking half a mile out in the bay, and walking up and down the HB boardwalk a few times, I had some weight loss victories! I finally dropped below 200 pounds!! And below 30 BMI!! Which means that I'm no longer "obese." I'm just overweight now!! Woo-hoo!! I'm 196.6 today, at 5'9", that's a 29.0 BMI. Also, I actually managed to do all that walking without dying of back pain. My body hurts today, and it's in recovery mode, but that's OK.  My other weight-loss victory, an NSV (non-scale victory) was that when I got cold yesterday, I bought a hoodie. And I only needed a size Large!! Holy crap, a Large!! I haven't been a size without an X involved in a long, long time. Another win, now L loves the ocean, and wants to go back all the time. K wasn't able to make the ocean trips, because work. So I'm hoping we can squeeze one more trip in before she gets her tattoo on the 29th. Or maybe she can postpone it? I know she wants to go to the beach. Hampton was actually her idea.

And in other happy news, my best friend from high school has been to see them at the weight loss center at Emerson! She doesn't have the requirements to go to all the nutrition classes, so she's already to the point where she can schedule her surgery at any time! I'm so happy for her.

I really wish I had the kind of startup capital it would take to start a shop up at Hampton. I could live at the beach forever. Even better if it were a shop at a warmer beach, now that I think of it. LOL.

Happy losing, friends!!

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