Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Better late than never: Six week post op appointments

Been too tired to do a lot of blogging. But here's what happened at our six week post op appointments. Everything is going well for both L & I. I didn't go to K's, but she reports that she's also doing well. She is mostly stressed from things at work, and they're interfering a bit with her eating.

Anyway, six week post-op is pretty straightforward. You meet with your nutritionist, and then you meet with a PA and Dr. Lautz.  There are a lot of other post-op patients in there when you go, so you can talk to other people while you wait, if you want.

Marie went over with me what I should be eating, and what supplements I should be taking. I had already gotten the letter about taking extra D and taking K, so we went over that. My Target doesn't carry the Liquacel protein, so I ended up having to order some. It's kind of gross, but not gag-worthy like the other protein drinks. It's about the consistency of dish washing liquid, and the lemon flavor distinctly reminds me of it. But I can choke it down with a little water. I doubt if I could do it every day, though. I didn't really have any questions, other than the protein supplements.

As for the PA, I saw both Erin and Hilda. My blood pressure was super low, so they were a little worried. They had me call my PCP afterward to see if I could get off the lisinopril yet. (The answer was to cut my dose in half and try that -- it wasn't enough, so I ended up stopping it altogether!! Yay for getting off lisinopril!) Dr. Lautz said everything looked good. I hadn't lost much more weight up to that point, but he said it was because I started at a lower weight than most people, and so had less to lose overall. Bodies are like that. And he said he would be very surprised if that was it for me. Apparently stalls are common, and nothing to really worry about. He said you lose weight in steps. They all said the most important thing was to make sure I'm getting in enough water and all my protein every day.

They gave me a lab slip and had me get my blood tested again afterward. The results of that were that my I had to take extra A and a B complex. I have another appointment the week after the 4th of July, so we'll see how that goes. After that, apparently you can't see the nutritionist and the PAs on the same day, per hospital policy. That is just crazy. Do they have any idea how far I (and a lot of other people) have to drive to get there? WTF?

Overall, everything is going well, and the rest of the weight loss will happen. I've already lost more weight since that appointment. I'm down by over 40# since my high weight of 261. I'm at about 218 now, and it still hasn't been 3 months.. I saw my PCP last week, and he was so happy that he hugged me. LOL. He was also excited to see my scars. This is the lowest I've weighed in my adult life. I got down about this low once, but it was due to severe depression and inability to eat more than a Cup-o-Noodles per day. I got pretty malnourished then, since I wasn't taking supplements. It was bad.This time I'm much better and much healthier. So yay! I am really starting to look and feel thinner and healthier.

edit (7/1/2015):
Forgot to mention that I also took L to her 3 month post-op on the day I saw my PCP. She's still losing steadily, and all is well. James told me I look fantastic. Keisha is looking great since having her baby. Also, I checked this morning, and I'm down 45 from my HW! (Currently 216!) L did cartwheels yesterday at the day care where she substitutes. That's pretty great for 3 months post-op!

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