Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sleep Study

So on to the sleep study portion of this story. L's sleep study was scheduled for a weekend night. We chose the Leominster office because it's closer than the Concord office. It's in the plaza with the RMV and the hotel where they held the info session we attended. The last building on the left before BJ's Wholesale Club, front right-hand corner as you're facing it, up the elevator, top floor. J & I drove her there for her 8:30 appointment. We sat with her while the doctor was with another patient. Then he showed her to her room. She was super nervous, so he let J & I go in with her while she got settled. She'd worn her pajamas there, so she didn't need to get changed. She had a nice little room with a big TV. We stayed with her for a little bit until she felt comfortable, and then we left.

She called to say the sleep study was over at about 6:00 am. So J & I went back to get her. When we got there, she said she didn't feel like she'd gotten much sleep. She was worried that she'd have to go back and have another one. Which, the only reason you're there is because you aren't getting much sleep so... Anyway, the doctor told her that someone would be calling her to set up an follow up appointment in Concord.

So that went pretty well, I thought. The electrodes didn't bother her too much. But the room had been too warm, and she hadn't thought to turn on the ceiling fan before they hooked her up to them.

The week after that we had our monthly group nutrition class. This time it was upstairs with Jessica. She gave us more sheets if we needed them to write down our daily food intake. She talked about some of the challenges of eating before and after surgery. By this point I'd decided that I was glad we had to do the 6 months of group nutrition. I think it's easier to adjust to new eating slowly. The first month I was all about "hey, I'm not going to be able to have this after surgery, so..." But I've been slowly integrating better eating habits into my food schedule. Looking at portions more closely, finding better meal options, etc.

The following week, L had a behavioral health appointment with Lisa. K & I didn't have to come back that month, although I did have to drive L there.

And that brings us to the end of October, when L's cat died. She took it really hard, and is still taking it hard. They'd been together for 9 years, since he was born on her floor (we were cat sitting my niece's pregnant cat at the time). And he died Halloween morning. That was a long day.

Next post we'll move on to November.

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