Thursday, November 20, 2014


I'm going to say it right here at the outset. I'm terrible at keeping up with blogging. But I think my family is in a unique, situation as far as gastric bypass surgery, so I'm going to try and write it down.

I will be having a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in April of 2015. My daughter and her best friend are having it done in March. I'm 45, the girls are 25 and 24 (but will be 25 in a few weeks). Both girls live with me and my 22 year old son.

My daughter, L, put on a lot of weight when she was on birth control a few years ago, and with a boyfriend who was always pushing her to eat disgusting, unhealthy food. Unhealthy food for an unhealthy relationship.

Her friend, K, has had weight issues her whole life, and is still slowly gaining.

I've had weight issues since my pregnancy with L. I was very sick and couldn't keep down much food for most of my pregnancy. When I was finally able to eat again, my hunger signals had changed from a not particularly bothersome growling stomach to nausea that was quieted by food. Additionally, I've been hypoglycemic for as long as I can remember. My pediatrician told my mom to give me orange juice if I seemed to be stumbling when I walked. Anyway, with my second pregnancy, my hunger was messed up again, and I have never been able to lose the weight I gained from that. When I lose some, I gain it back.

I am currently diagnosed with major depression (managed for the most part), social phobia, panic disorder, high blood pressure, PMDD, scoliosis, nonspecific lower back pain, and a recently frozen shoulder (right side), plus for the past week or two I've had pins & needles in my left foot, hand, and occasionally my face & neck on that side. Seeing the orthopedist in a couple weeks.

So. At my last visit to the bariatric office, I weighed 257lbs with my winter coat and boots on. (I weighed 253lbs. 3 days before that, so... *shrug*) I'm 5'9", so normally I wouldn't qualify for the surgery. Most insurances go by your BMI. And your BMI  has to be over 40 to qualify. Both girls are over 40 BMI, but I'm hovering around 37/38. However, since I have a co-morbid condition (high blood pressure), and have a BMI over 35, I still qualify. Hooray!

Anyway, there's your introduction to us. Next I'll talk about how we began our journey.

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