Thursday, November 20, 2014

First Appointments

About our first gastric bypass surgery appointment with the Emerson Hospital weight loss program:

Keisha called the three of us in August (2014) to set up our initial appointments. We asked to come in together, so it took us a little longer than normal to get in there. But we got in before the end of August. Two at the same time, one afterward. I saw LeBron, and IIRC the girls both saw Hilda. They basically just weigh you, check your BP, get some history, and then go over the information from the meeting about the differences between the surgeries, and what to expect from the program. And you find out whether or not you have to do the six months of dietician/nutrition meetings before you can have the surgery. (Yes, Medicaid requires it.)

Now at this point, I have to say that everyone at the office is basically awesome. James at the desk is one of the nicest, happiest people in... ever. Keisha (also at the desk) is funny and super helpful. LeBron and Hilda were both great. At the point where I am in the process, I think I've met pretty much everybody who works in the program. And they're all really great. If you're going there and worried about anybody being judgey, do not even devote any more time to that worry in your head. James and Keisha have been bending over backwards to get the three of us appointments at the same time/day, so we can minimize the number of trips we have to make.

The next thing you go to is your first group nutrition meeting (assuming you have to go to those. I don't know what the process is if you don't.) Keisha got us into a meeting right away, so August would count as one of our six months.

Marie conducted the group meeting right in the office waiting room. It was kind of more of the same, plus some information on foods you'll have to give up, at least temporarily, for surgery. Hint: carbonation, caffeine, coffee at all, alcohol... this was not happy for me considering all I ever drank was diet Pepsi. Carbonation expands your stomach, though. Frell. They want you to switch to water (flavored or unflavored). Then she gave us handouts about when the local support meetings are held and answered any questions.

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